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Live Baccarat Control Squeeze - Evolution

Live Baccarat Control Squeeze - Evolution

Ladies and gentlemen, ready for this new and innovative variant of the Live Baccarat Squeeze on Regal Wins? This new edition proves to be as thrilling and entertaining as expected. Live Baccarat Control Squeeze has some key benefits that that guarantees a high level of surprises. With all the action streamed from a custom design table with top and multi HD Cameras, an immersive experience is at your fingertips. How about practising the Squeeze without placing any bets? Sounds great, right? Then, you’ll have this option among an array of features. You are given the control over the squeeze, feel free to make good use of it.

Game In Action

During the Live Baccarat Control Squeeze, the cards that are dealt are face-down. There are two cameras that are located under the table and it automatically relays the live stream of the real card facing down to the screen of players. Now, all the card faces are hidden by optical filters and an overlay mask. To peel back the overlay mask, you must tap on any edge or corner of the card to reveal the card value. Every bit of this game is as stimulating as playing Baccarat in a brick and mortar casino.

The objective of the Live Baccarat is to guess whose hand will be the winner: the winner’s hand should be the one closest to 9. The Live dealer will host the game with 52-card decks where each card has different values. The face cards jacks, queens and kings and 10s are worth 0. The cards that are numbered 2 t0 9 are worth their numerical face values and finally, Aces are only worth 1 point each.

Betting Options

On Live Baccarat Control Squeeze, there are various side bets such as the Player Pair – This pays if the first two cards that are distributed to you are a pair. The Banker Pair – This pays whenever your first two cards are a pair. The Player Bonus is rewarded whenever you win the round on a natural 8 or 9 or by at least 4 points. It’s quite the same as the Banker Bonus, where the bonus is rewarded when the banker wins the round on a natural 8 or 9 or he/she wins by at least 4 points. There is also the Perfect Pair and Either Pair available on Live Baccarat Control Squeeze.

Why You Should Play Live Baccarat Control Squeeze

Live Baccarat Control Squeeze is packed with some terrific options that add to the game experience. There is the innovative Overlay Mask Over Cards that offers you the chance to peel back overlay masks of cards and hence reveal the card values. Live Baccarat Control Squeeze is an amazing treat to any baccarat fans out there. This top Live Dealer game is a must try for a matchless gambling experience.


Who’s the software expert behind Live Baccarat Control Squeeze? Evolution Gaming, of course. This top software engineer is a front-runner in the gambling industry and with its amazing expertise in the field, it provides first-class real-time live dealer gaming experience to casino fans. And, across various channels and media.

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