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Live Blackjack Classic - Evolution

Live Blackjack Classic - Evolution

Imagine the thrill of playing Live Blackjack Classic on a tablet, mobile phone or PC at Regal Wins! It is the fastest variant of Blackjack you can find. The traditional Blackjack game dates back to the 16th – 17th centuries. It is commonly known as Twenty-One, a name which gives a hint of how it is played. Live Blackjack Classic brings you this famous game that you can enjoy in a live atmosphere anytime and anywhere. It is set against a classic blue Blackjack table. Take a seat at the table and have fun!

Game in Action

Bonus Rounds and Features

On Live Blackjack Classic, make the most of the different types of bets, such as:

  • 21+3 Side Bet: Placed on a 3-card combination which consists of the first 2 in your hand and the dealer up card. The winning combos are Suited Trips (3 cards of the same suit and value), Straight Flush (suited sequence), Three of a Kind (3 cards of the same value), Straight (sequence) and Flush (same suit).
  • Insurance Bet: Every time the dealer’s up card is an Ace, pick an Insurance bet which pays out although a Blackjack is triggered. It is equal to half of the original bet and if the dealer wins a Blackjack, you can receive twice the Insurance bet. Otherwise, the insurance bet is lost while the game continues.
  • Perfect Pairs Side Bets: This bet is placed on any pairs on the first 2 cards of a hand. Here, the winning combinations are Perfect Pair, Coloured Pair and Mixed Pair.

There is more to Live Blackjack Classic! It also offers the Bet Behind and Pre-Decision options. Bet Behind provides you with additional betting opportunities by accommodating an unlimited number of players. As for Pre-decision, it speeds up your game while decreasing the waiting time.

Symbols Available

Since Live Blackjack Classic is a card game, it mainly consists of playing cards of different values like Queen, Jack, Ace and different numbers.

Betting Options

Wondering what the game is all about? Your goal on Live Blackjack Classic is to trigger a Blackjack when the value of your 2 cards is equal to 21. If not, the hand which is closest to 21 wins. If it is greater than 21, it is a loss or bust. When the dealer’s hand is 16 or less, he/she clicks on “Hit’’. The dealer opts for “Stand” if it is at least 17. Earn Even money on your initial bet when his/her hand goes beyond 21 and yours is closer but not higher than 21.

When your 2 cards have a total of 9, 10 or 11 and they beat the dealer’s hand, you can go for the “Double Down” option. It allows you to double your initial bet on Live Blackjack Classic while you get another card. If your first 2 cards have an equal value, you can “Split” them into 2 different hands. When 2 Aces are split, receive 1 extra card on each hand. However, you cannot Double Down at this stage.

Why You Should Play Live Blackjack Classic

Live Blackjack Classic is an interesting card game which offers innovative features. Plus, it also offers ample winning opportunities. 


Live Blackjack Classic is a creation of Evolution Gaming, one of the top provider of live casino games for most online casinos. Its gaming products are known for their great graphics, sounds and interactive gameplay which you can also see on Live Blackjack Classic.

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