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Live Blackjack - Evolution

Live Blackjack - Evolution

Live Blackjack – Evolution is played to Vegas Rules on a 7-seat table. Till date, there has been no clear consent on the history of Blackjack. Some casino enthusiasts believe that it probably originated in French casinos around 1700. At that time, it was called Vingt-et-Un. Others believe that it was probably derived from the French card games, French Ferme and Chemin de Fer. The background of Live Blackjack overlooks a posh green curtain on either side of a window. The paintings on the wall create a nice atmosphere. Ready to be rooted on your seat?

Game in Action

Bonus Rounds and Features

The objective of this super game is to win a Blackjack when the value of your 2 cards is equal to 21. Otherwise, the hand closest to 21 wins be it the dealers or the players. In the event that it is greater than 21, it is a loss or a Bust. Whenever the dealer’s hand is 16 or less, the latter must “Hit” on Live Blackjack. If it is 17 or more, the dealer must press on “Stand”.

If 2 of your cards give a total of 9, 10 or 11 and a 3rd one results in a hand which outshines the dealer’s, you can opt to “Double Down”. It enables you to double the main bet and get another card. When your first 2 cards are of the same value, you can “Split” them into 2 unalike hands.

Betting Options

The different types of bets on this live game are:

Insurance Bet: Whenever the dealer’s up card is an Ace, you can opt for an Insurance bet which awards pay even if the dealer gets a Blackjack. It is equal to half of the original Blackjack wager on Live Blackjack. If the dealer wins a Blackjack, you can earn double the Insurance bet. If not, the insurance bet is lost, and the game proceeds on.

21+3 Side Bet: This is placed on a combination of 3 cards, with the first 2 in your hand and the dealers up card. Winning combinations on Live Blackjack include Suited Trips (3 cards of the same suit and value), Straight Flush (suited sequence), Three of a Kind (3 cards of the same value), Straight (sequence) and Flush (same suit).

Perfect Pairs Side Bet: This is placed on any pairs on the first 2 cards of the hand. Winning combinations include Perfect Pair, Coloured Pair and Mixed Pair.

Live Blackjack also contains the Bet Behind and Pre-Decision options. The Bet Behind provides more gambling opportunities by accommodating loads of players. Pre-decision speeds up your gameplay and reduces your waiting time. Get ready for some likely chucklesome gaming activities?

Why You Should Play Live Blackjack

This special live game comes with plenty of configurable options, that can be tweaked to suit your playing likings. The chat and viewing options are what will perhaps make your experience an unforgettable gaming happening.


Evolution Gaming is known for producing top-notch games in the online gaming world. Live Blackjack is none other than one of its top creations.

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