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Live Side Bet City - Evolution

Live Side Bet City - Evolution

Jump back to 1985 and join the fun on Live Side Bet City! This 80s-themed poker variant lets you wager on a win for a 3-Card Hand, a 5-Card Hand or a 7-Card Hand. The gameplay is easy, fast and fun. Plus, there are no decisions required after you have placed your initial bets. If you win, a winning message pops up on-screen. Grab your favourite mobile phone device, tablet or desktop and enjoy some gambling rounds on Regal Wins Casino!

Game in Action

Bonus Rounds and Features

On Live Side Bet City, an unlimited number of players can play simultaneously. However, you will play against the paytable rather than the dealer. The latter deals 7 cards in all from one deck. The winning card combinations are based on all the usual poker hands.

In the 3-Card Hand Side Bet, the dealer deals three cards face-up once all bets are in. It will reveal the result for the 3-Card Hand. If you place a bet on the 3-Card Hand and it wins, a winning message will appear.

The 5-Card Hand Side Bet is when the dealer deals the next two cards. It will reveal the result for the 5-Card Hand. If you place a bet on the 5-Card Hand and it wins, a winning message will appear as usual. The 7-Card Hand Side Bet is similar. Once the dealer deals the next two cards, it will reveal the result for the 7-Card Hand.

Live Side Bet City comes with the All Lose Side Bet! You can wager on the All Lose bet spot. If none of the 3-Card, 5-Card or 7-Card Hands has won, you get the win. This applies even if you haven’t placed a bet on any of the other three side bets.

Symbols Available 

There are no symbols available on Live Side Bet City. If you want to play games which are crammed with theme-related symbols, head to Regal Wins Casino. The website has a plethora of slots up its sleeves.

Betting Options

Once you have placed your bet on Live Side Bet City, the presenter deals 7 cards face-up on the table. The valid winning hands are Pair, Pair JJ – AA, Two Pairs, Three of a Kind, Straight, Flush, Full House, Four of a Kind, Straight Flush and Royal Flush.

Why You Should Play Live Side Bet City – Evolution

Live Side Bet City brings an 80’s vibe to a ground-breaking new poker-based card game. What will perhaps impress you is that there is an option to place a bet on there being no winning hand. Also, the game is fully optimised for desktops, tablets and mobile phones.


Evolution Gaming has been an excellent game provider since its existence. It has produced quite many high-quality games with innovative gameplay. Live Side Bet City is one amongst them.

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