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Live Blackjack Green - NetEnt

Live Blackjack Green - NetEnt

Blackjack is a famous card game in casinos. It has simple rules and is an amusing game that online casinos offer variations of the 21-number game to their players as well. Pop in at Regal Wins Casino and play Live Blackjack 1 – NetEnt on the device of your choice. Let’s plunge in the details of the game and find more on the rules of playing this live-streamed casino game.

Game In Action

Bonus Rounds And Features

Live Blackjack 1 NetEnt is an easy and simple game. To begin with, you must set the bets of your choice. When the betting time is over, you will be given two face-up cards to deal with. The dealer is the last person to receive cards, whereby one is face up and the other face down. Each player gets the option to play, starting with the right-most seated player. They have the choice to either Hit, Stand, Split or Double.  For those who don’t know about the meaning of these words, it is as follows:

  • Hit - you are dealt another card.
  • Stand - you stand on the current hand.
  • Split – This is allowed only if you have pairs. The hand card is divided into two. Another bet of the same value will be included on the second hand.

Each card has different points. For instance, Aces bring one or eleven points, as for the two to tens, the cards give you the face value as scores. Kings, Queens and Jack grant ten points each. In blackjack, you need to have a better score than the dealer to win at Live Blackjack 1 – NetEnt. But you cannot surpass 21. The good thing is that if you get an initial hand worth 21, it is known as blackjack!

Symbol Available

No symbols are found on Live Blackjack 1 – NetEnt. That is because it is a live casino game, not a slot.  Looking for entertaining games that involve symbols? Head to the slot section of the site.

Betting Options

Begin your play on Live Blackjack 1 – NetEnt. You need to have an account at Regal Wins,  so click on the ‘Join Now’ button to register for one. When you are done with that, make a deposit! Note that live Casino Games can be played only with real wagers.  Make the selection of your preferred wagers. You will find on the bottom section of the screen a list of chip values, from 10 up to 500. Make your choice by clicking on the values.

Why You Should play Blackjack1- NetEnt

Play Live Blackjack1- NetEnt at Regal Wins, this game is compatible on any devices such as mobile, desktop and tablets.


Net Entertainment has been one of the most famous game developers and has created a game with high-quality graphics. Pop in at Regal Wins to find more!

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