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Live Roulette La Partage - Netent

Live Roulette La Partage - Netent

Live Roulette La Partage is a great European Roulette Game that is presented by a real dealer in live streaming. Nowadays, there are many different types of roulette variants from many different software providers. What makes each unique is the fact that they are all based on a standard European or American Wheel. On this live game, you will find a roulette wheel that has 37 pockets, with one of them being the Single Zero. Ready to be swamped by Live Roulette La Partage?

Game in Action

Bonus Rounds and Features

Once you get started, you can select from different bet options such as neighbour bets, inside bets and outside bets. Neighbour Bets contain a sequence of numbers set on the roulette wheel. You can make use of the racetrack to wager a neighbour bet such as Voisins Bet, Orphelins Bet, Tiers Bet, Jeu Zero Bet and Number & Neighbour Bet.

Inside bets on Live Roulette La Partage include stakes on single numbers and include Street Bet (bet on 3 numbers), Six Line Bet (bet on 6 numbers), Straight Bet (bet on a single number), Corner bet (bet on 4 numbers) and Split Bet (bet on two numbers). Outside Bets are stakes-placed on a collection of numbers on the table layout. These include Red/ Black Bets, Column Bets, Even/Odd Bets, 1-18/19-36 Bets and Dozen Bets.

Betting Options

Start a transcendent gaming time on Live Roulette La Partage by placing the desired amount! You may click on your preferred chip value and press on either a gambling area or single numbers on the roulette table layout. A further click will increase its bet value. Once you have chosen a bet amount, you may simply point the indicator on the chip found on the roulette layout to see its eventual pay-out that you can catch hold of if you win.

Why You Should Play Live Roulette La Partage

What makes Live Roulette La Partage so unique? Even if you lose your stake, you get half your wager back should the ball halt in the zero pockets of the wheel. What’s more? The live game streams in HD and provides an exhilarating gambling episode!


NetEnt has successfully put its own unique twist on roulette – a game that comprises a live dealer to make your gameplay a more enjoyable and unforgettable one. Yes, it is none other than Live Roulette La Partage that brings you all the thrill and pleasure of the casino floor to your own home.

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