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Live Roulette - Netent

Live Roulette - Netent

The roots of the famous game known as ‘roulette’ are covered in mystery. Blaise Pascal, a French math wizard developed this entertaining game somewhere in the 17th century. The latter was a hardworking one and was keen to produce a perpetual motion machine.

Today, it can be said that casino games would not be so popular if it wasn’t for Pascal. And in recent times, Roulette has developed into being one of the best casino games. Now, you can even sit at home and enjoy many varieties of Roulette games like Live Roulette via your Smartphone, Desktop, or Tablet. They are all available to play at Regal Wins Casino!

Game in Action

Live Roulette consists of a chat feature, which enables you to have a conversation with other players on the same table. You can chat with the dealer as well. To start any chat, you simply need to type a message in the text field and click on the Enter button.

In addition, you will come across an option which allows you to view racetrack betting, the wheel in live action, favourite bet options, and billboard updates. On Live Roulette, you will find a roulette wheel which consists of 37 pockets. They are numbered 0 to 36. The objective is to guess in which pocket the ball will halt after the wheel is spun by the dealer.

On Live Roulette, you will have three types of stakes available. They are Racetrack, Inside, and Outside bets. Inside Bets are stakes that are placed on single numbers. It includes Three Line, Six Line, Straight, Corner and Split. The Outside Bets are bets that are made on areas of the table. It includes Red/Black, Column, 1-18/19-36, Dozens, and Even/Odd. The Neighbour Bet contains a series of numbers as they show up on the roulette wheel. They are Jeu Zero, Voisins, Numbers and Neighbours, Orphelins, and Tiers.

Betting Options

The chips values found on Live Roulette range from 1, 5, 25, 100, to 1,000. To get started, you will have to select the chip value and press either on a betting area on the table layout or on a number. After selecting your stake, you will be able to see the total value of that bet. Furthermore, it will also display its eventual pay-out by pointing at the chips.

There is equally a favourite bet feature available on Live Roulette. This option enables you to focus more on your chats and has less trouble to position your chips on the table. You can save different bet arrangements and place them repeatedly. This can be done at any time you wish by using the feature.

Why you should play Live Roulette

Live Roulette is a special game that the majority of you will be looking forward to playing. That’s mainly because of the Chat Feature it consists of. This game brings along fun and at the same time, lets you communicate with other people to share your gaming experience. On top of that, its payouts are very encouraging which will motivate you all through your play.


Live Roulette is a creation of NetEnt. This game provider is best known for developing entertaining games. In addition, the game comes packed with top-notch graphics and animation. You can expect a calm and unique playing session!

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