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Live Blackjack Platinum - NetEnt

Live Blackjack Platinum - NetEnt

Have you ever wondered why blackjack is called as such? That’s why Gaming halls needed a way to upgrade the game back in America. It was still called the 21 game. They had some bonus payouts which contained one that paid additional only if blackjack was distributed all along with an ace of spades

Live VIP Blackjack will give you similar feels of being in an inland casino. Don’t know how blackjack is played? Let’s look at the steps and features in the game found at Regal Wins Casino.

Game in Action

Bonus Rounds and Features

Firstly, you need to place your bet so that the dealer can start the play. He deals two cards to you, which are face up. If you win an overall number of 21 from the two initial cards, it is called a blackjack. To win on Live VIP Blackjack, you need to get a higher amount than the dealer. That is, you should not exceed 21. The card then closes to the total score of the hand.

Yet, if you land on less than 21, you’ll be given an extra card. And if you get pairs from the two original cards, you’ll be given the option to split the hands into two. Then, the second hand will take a bet value equal to the original hand.

Symbols Available 

There are no symbols available on Live VIP Blackjack. Not like the slot games. You will come across a chic dealer and cards. The cards carry scores, for example, the Aces cost eleven or one points. Two to tens are the value their face costs. And as for the high-value cards that are Kings, Queens, and Jacks, they are all worth ten points.

Betting Options

To start your gameplay, you need to place a Bet. Click on the betting option to start your gameplay. The minimum bet amount is 25 to 2500. So are you ready to play? Head to Regal Wins and begin your game! 

Why You Should Play Live VIP Blackjack- NetEnt

Live Common Draw VIP Blackjack is an easy game. It is played with six decks of cards. Whether you are an experienced player or not, Blackjack is an easy game to play. Another good thing about this game is that it is optimised for any device. So, grab your IOS, Android or even play on your desktop. The choice is yours!


NetEnt is behind the creation of Live VIP Blackjack. It has high- quality graphic and a Live dealer which makes it easier for you!  If you have no clue of who NetEnt is, they are an award-winning game provider who have been pioneers for 20 years!

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