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Live Poker

Live Poker – The Ground-Breaking Card Game!

Live Poker is one of the most popular card games in various corners of the world! Who is to be blamed for the surging popularity? Is it the simple yet fun gameplay or the many variations that became a preferred mode of entertainment in casinos? Whatever reasons lie behind its fame, Poker remains a success in casinos for decades now.

What was once restricted to land-based casinos has also managed to develop into online versions. Players can now access different variations of Poker games through online Poker. But things got a little bit more realistic with the introduction of Live Poker. The latter brought the gameplay to new heights, presenting realistic elements, real dealers and real gameplay in total HD imageries.

Quick Poker Fact

Did you know that Live Poker uses the four suits of a deck; Diamonds, Clubs, Spades And Heart. Each of the four kings of the suits represents four great kings of history. The King Of Clubs represents Alexander The Great; King Of Spades is David, King Of Israel; King Of Hearts represent King Of France, Charlemagne and King Of Diamonds is Caesar Augustus, Emperor Of Rome.

General Rules Of Playing Live Poker

Playing Live Poker for the first time can be a little bit intimidating. But don’t let this affect you! If you follow the rules and procedures correctly, then you will be a good poker player in no time.

The first thing that you need to do before playing Live Poker is to distinguish the type of the game. There are so many variations of Poker that it can be difficult to remember them all. That is why the games come with rules or pay tables that share the rule that is different.

Another thing to consider when playing Poker is to know if It is a limit or a no-limit game. In Limit poker, the pot is limited. So, you can’t raise more than that. That way, players get to play with solid hands. The game is strict and tends to be lengthy at times. On the other hand, no-limit games allow players to go all in at any point and this can change the course of the game at any point. Since there are no limits to the pot, the Live Poker games are always flexible.

Keep an eye out if you have a blind bet in the Live Poker game you’re playing. With blind bets, you don’t have to bet on every hand! However, the initial bets remain constant. This is useful at times since it can allow you to fold without losing any money. An ante bet would have done otherwise!

The Most Common Poker Variant: Live Casino Hold’em Poker

Live Casinos are now redefining casino entertainment. That’s because you can enjoy the genuine atmosphere of a brick and mortar casino in the comfort of your home. A variant that is popular in land-based and online casinos as well is Live Casino Hold’em Poker!

This game is one of the many that are hosted by professional live dealers of Evolution Gaming at Regal Wins Casino. The land-based variant of the game was introduced at the beginning of the 21st Century and its popularity has increased ever since.

The first thing you should know about playing Live Casino Hold’em Poker is that it is not a free play poker game. You will need to enjoy the game with valid deposits. The game follows a rule in which you have to beat the dealer, not other players. Each hand begins by placing the Ante bet, like many other poker games. You are dealt two cards face-down and 3 face-up cards are placed at the middle of the table. These are community cards, to be used by any players.

You should fold your hand or raise. Folding means you lose the bet. If you raise, the call bet doubles the ante bet. When the raise bets are in action, the dealer places two additional face-up cards. The dealer will reveal their cards and to qualify for a play, they need to have a hand of 4s or better.

Get better hands than the dealer to get prizes.

The Software Behind Live Poker Games

Live Poker Games… are live! They are streamed from a studio and involve real dealers and players. But who is behind these great titles? At Regal Wins Casino, Evolution Gaming is the one displaying the great Live Dealer Games. Browse through the list since they offer an impressive version of Live Casino Hold’em Poker. Ready to give it a try?

Play live Poker Games at Regal Wins on any device of your choice. You can register an account and deposit to be able to have access to the Live Dealer games of the casino site.



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