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3 Wheel Roulette

3 Wheel Roulette

Roulette is a French word which means little wheel. This popular game was invented in Europe back in the 17th Century. A genius philosopher, mathematician, and French physicist named Blaise Pascal was the instigator of this entertaining game.

His idea was to produce a perpetual motion machine, which he failed at after several attempts. Nevertheless, the model wheel machine was used to create Roulette machine, which is now famous all around the world.

Game in Action

On this 3 Wheel Roulette, the ball needs to land in one of the 37 numbered and coloured pockets of the wheel. In European and French Roulette, you will normally find 37 pockets with the single zero wheel. When it comes to 38 pockets along with double zero wheel, you will find it in the Caribbean, South America, Canada and U.S.

During your game, you will certainly spot the difference between the 3 Wheel Roulette and the European Roulette. On this 3 Wheel Roulette, it consists of 3 rings of numbers instead of one. Throughout a spin, the ball is meant to land through only one ring of slots of the roulette wheel. The Outer rings will, therefore, arrange in perfect concordance when the wheel halts with the result of 3 complete distinct outcomes that can pay out.

The same outcomes may even figure on more than one ring. If the outcome lines up with the bet placed, you win. And if the outcomes are gathered on the other outer rings, you can expect to win more.

Betting Options

The bets that can be placed on 3 Wheel Roulette are similar to any other roulette games. It can be either on black or red, a range of numbers, a single number, or guessing the number to be even or odd.

All bets that can be made on this roulette game is multiplied by 3. For instance, a bet value of 3 will eventually be a bet of 9. On each ring, all bet amounts are divided into equal amounts. The concept of betting is similar to the European Roulette. Also, you can expect to find the winning ratio and probability to be the same.

Various types of bets can be made on the 3 Wheel Roulette. They are namely corner bets, straight bets, and one row or two-row bets. However, the types of bets available on this game are the Outside bets and Inside bets.

The Outside bets give you the Column and Dozen at 2 to 1, Red-Black, High-Low and Odd-Even at 1 to 1. As for the Inside bets, it gives you six numbers at 5 to 1, Corner at 8 to 1, three numbers at 11to 1, Split at 17 to 1, and straight up at 35 to 1.

Why you should play 3 Wheel Roulette

The setting of 3 Wheel Roulette is very appealing and graphically visible with an outstanding casino atmosphere of a land-based casino. Since the 3 Wheel Roulette can only be played online, you will feel like playing for real as soon as you launch the game.


3 Wheel Roulette is an exclusive creation of IGT. This game provider is best known for creating outstanding games. Each time you play any of its game, you will have a memorable experience!

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