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Football Scratch

Football Scratch

Football enthusiasts will be happy to hear that UK’s casino site – Regal Wins Casino has come up with a top football themed game. It is none other than Football Scratch Game. In this production, there are no reels or paylines, but it’s a scratch and arcade type of game that brings some high levels of adrenaline. Ready to hit the cards with some goals?

Football is believed to be the most watched sport on the planet. Countless living legends have embraced this sport and have entertained millions of fans around the globe with their magical talents. Some of these elite superstars are Rivaldo, Lionel Messi, Maradona and Pele. They are a reference to the world of football. Have a ball on Football Scratch Game and wallow in some good dose of action!

Game in Action

Bonus Rounds and Features

Once you get started, you will find two panels known as Your Players and Goals. The goal is to reveal the amounts and players which are covered in the two different panels. There are two balls in the first panel while the second one contains 8 jerseys. The objective of Football Scratch Game is to tap on all the jerseys to see which player’s amount and number they cover.

The Auto Reveal Option could be of your fancy. It makes the gameplay roll faster as all the panels will be revealed at once. As soon as all the jerseys have been revealed, you will be granted a reward if any of them match the same information as on any of the balls. The top amount you can earn is set at £25,000 on Football Scratch Game.

Betting Options

Kick off the game by choosing your bet amount in the Bet field! The betting options vary from £0.50, £0.60, £0.70, £0.80, £0.90, £1 to £2. Once you have picked the desired amount, you will face a display which focuses on a football player entering the stadium. You will also hear the fans chanting and waiting for the game to start on Football Scratch Game.

Why You Should Play Football Scratch Game

If you are a great football admirer, this game might impress you a lot. Best of all, the chants of the fans make the gameplay even more interesting and authentic. Hence, providing a genuine gaming atmosphere where you can have a whale of a time!


Microgaming is the one who came up with Football Scratch Game! This software architect has made sure to include all the necessary ingredients for the game to tick all the boxes. You can have a glimpse on other of its astonishing creations on Regal Wins Casino.

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