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Money Matrix pull tab

Money Matrix pull tab

The Matrix is a fantasy and science fiction film, which was released in 1999. This astonishing movie was a hit and many people say that it is supremely re-watchable. That in mind, the UK’s casino site – Regal Wins Casino has brought forward Money Matrix, a pull tab game that will take your gaming experience to another level. The game is crafted on a neon screen, where there are four tabs located in the middle. Get a thrill out of this fun game and have some leaps and frolics!

Game in Action

Bonus Rounds and Features

The objective of Money Matrix Pull Tab is to pull back numerous tabs to uncover symbols. Pay-outs are granted for many combinations of symbols, such as 1 of a kind, 2 of a kind and 3 of a kind. It is a 3-symbol instant win pull tab game, where each and every tab is dependent on the other for a win.

Maximum pay-out per tab is 250x the total stake, while the maximum pay-out per game is 1,000x the total stake. Other pay-outs on Money Matrix Pull Tab are as follows; 1x Red 7 = 1x, 2x Red 7 = 2x, 3x Red 7 = 5x, 3x Green Bar = 10x, 3x Blue Bar = 20x, 3x Red Bar = 50x, 3x Silver Dollar Sign = 250x and 3 x Gold Dollar Sign = 250x.

Symbols Available

The multiplicity of symbols that you will come across are Blue Bar, Red Bar, Green Bar, Silver Dollar Signs, Gold Dollar Signs and Red 7. Ready to have a ball and score some potential wins on Money Matrix Pull Tab?

Betting Options

Start a fascinating gaming session by choosing your bet amount in the Bet Field. The coin denominations vary from £0.25, £0.50, £0.75, £1.00, £2.00, £3.00, £5.00, £10.00, £20.00, £50.00 to £100.00. Once you have selected the desired value, hit the start button for the gameplay to begin. You may also swipe the tabs to reveal the symbols.

The Autoplay Option on Money Matrix Pull Tab provides flexibility to your game! Go for this feature by selecting either 10, 25, 50 or 100 games to play on their own. If required, you can also enter a win value to stop on when reached.

Why You Should Play Money Matrix Pull Tab Game

Punters… if you have enjoyed the Matrix movie, you will perhaps want to try Money Matrix Pull Tab as well. The only goal in the game is to pull back numerous tabs to uncover symbols. What’s more? It is available 24/7 and is playable on any devices.


Realistic Games has been a dazzling gaming architect ever since it made its introduction to the online gambling market. Known for having the skill to create top-class games, Money Matrix Pull Tab is one of its wonderful creations!

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