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Monopoly Slingo

Monopoly Slingo

Did you know that Monopoly is one of the UK’s best-loved board games? It has inspired the creation of many online games. Now get the chance to enjoy Monopoly Slingo, which comes with crisp graphics. The goal is to complete Slingo by collecting properties around the board. Every property of similar colour is marked off once you get onto one. Head to Regal Wins Casino and discover the game!

Game in Action

Bonus Rounds and Features

On Monopoly Slingo, the 5×5 grid is randomly loaded by 25 of the 26 property cards, with the 26th dealt as the Bonus Property. Getting this will grant you an instant cash prize! But if you land on the Joker, a card from each property set will be randomly selected and shuffled. Select one of the cards to reveal the property and progress to that position on the board.

Do you remember the Community Chest and the trusty Chance cards? Both are available on Monopoly Slingo. Landing on them will give you with the following surprises:

  • Cash prize
  • Get Out of Jail Free
  • Progress to other positions on the board (including jail!)

Playing Monopoly Slingo is the same as the board game. Whenever you pass ‘GO’, add cash to the Free Parking Square. If you get there, do not hesitate to collect the accumulated amount. The ‘Go to Jail’ is where most of you would hate to go. Landing there will obviously send you to jail. You must then wait for 3 rolls to be released or roll a double to escape. However, selecting a ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ card will automatically safeguard your release.

Monopoly Slingo comes with Extra Rolls! At the end of the game, you will get the chance to buy a certain number of extra spins. However, this will depend on the playing counter you selected at the start of the game.

Symbols Available

There are no symbols available on Monopoly Slingo since it is a Scratch & Arcade game. But Regal Wins Casino has a collection of slots crammed with different symbols. Feel free to visit the page!

Betting Options

Ready to Slingo? Open Monopoly Slingo and select the profile you’d like to play in using the ‘Choose Profile’ button. It will then be decided whether you have 7 or 8 rolls of the dice. It is good to note that some of the profiles give greater prizes. Then, choose your bet amount using the ‘Stake’ button. Once done, hit on the ‘Start 7/8 Rolls’ button to roll those dice!

Why You Should Play Monopoly Slingo

Monopoly Slingo takes you down the memory lane. It has almost the same gameplay as the board game. Plus, you will get additional features that can bring you more prizes. The game is available on any iOS and Android devices.


Slingo is brought to you by none other than Monopoly Slingo. This provider has other Slingo versions under its belt. Check them out at Regal Wins Casino!

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