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Scratch 4 Rubies

Scratch 4 Rubies

Discover the red coloured gemstone with Scratch 4 Rubies at the online casino, Regal Wins. It is a scratch card game consisting of 4 scratch panels. It also comes with a bright and catchy design with a red backdrop consisting of rubies. Along with attractive graphics and animations based on rubies, this game also delivers interesting payouts.

The word “ruby” actually comes from Latin and literally means “red”. So, rubies are precious gemstones with shades of red ranging from rich dark red to pigeon blood red and pinkish red. Ruby is the most expensive coloured gemstone ever sold at auctions. For example, a Burmese ruby was sold for $30 million. Ruby is the birthstone of July and is considered as the king of gems. It also represents love, health and wisdom. Thus, join this adventure in the world of rubies with Scratch 4 Rubies.

Game in Action

Bonus Rounds and Features

The Scratch 4 Rubies game consists of 4 scratch panels that come with set win values. They can be uncovered by clicking and dragging a finger or cursor on the area of the scratch panels. Grab your chance of winning £10 on the first panel by revealing number 4 out of 6 single digit numbers. If number 4 is the outcome of one of the 2 maths calculations on the 2nd panel, you can win £2, £4, £10, £20, £50, £100, £200, £500, £1000, £5,000 or £25,000. On the third panel, win £2, £10, £50, £500, £1,000 or £25,000 if you match 3 symbols on a 3x3 grid consisting of 9 symbols. The fourth panel makes you win £2, £4, £10, £20, £50, £100, £200, £500, £1000, £5,000 or £25,000 when you match 3 values on a 3x3 grid of 9 values.

Symbols Available

Scratch 4 Rubies consists of the following symbols found on the third panel: Wagon Wheel, Crown, Ring, Dollar Sign ($), Scale and High Heel Shoes. When these appear in 3s, the following payouts are awarded: £25,000, £1,000, £500, £50, £10 and £2, respectively.

Betting Options

Scratch 4 Rubies consists of a stake value fixed at £2 which cannot be adjusted and is displayed in the top right-hand corner. Clicking the “Buy Card” button will initiate the game. A brief animation appears and the default scratch card interface changes to the “In Play” layout, on which the “Other Cards” button is deactivated. The “Reveal” button appears instead of “Buy Card”. Click on “Reveal” to uncover the 4 panels. The “Other Cards” button allows you to select another “Scratch 4” product from the series.

Why You Should Play Scratch 4 Rubies

Scratch 4 Rubies is an attractive game that comes with a winning payout as high as £25,000 with a stake value of £2. Plus, there is a random prize multiplier applicable on each winning card that increases your wins. Also, you will be fascinated by the sparkling red backdrop of this game.


Scratch 4 Rubies is designed by Geco- Core Gaming, which is actually a partnership between Geco Gaming and Core Gaming. Their games are created using the Flash and HTML5 platforms. The studios of Geco Gaming are found in the UK and Australia, and Core Gaming is mainly based in the UK. Their gaming solutions include video slots, instant win, scratch card and casino games, together with other services.

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