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Snapshot pull tab

Snapshot pull tab

A camera has become an integral part of anyone’s life nowadays. Selfies or millions of pictures are taken daily. What’s more? New camera devices are released from time to time. Smartphones are coming with the latest camera designs in terms of megapixels. Inspired by these gadgets, Regal Wins Casino brings to you Snapshot Pull Tab. This new form of pull tab game gives you 4 fair chances of winning each time you place your stake. Plunge into the gameplay of this game and have a whale of a time!

Game in Action

Bonus Rounds and Features

On Snapshot Pull Tab, there are no reels or paylines. The display consists of 4 pull tabs. Once you place your desired bet, all the 4 pull tabs will light up. You will simply need to pull the tabs from right to left. From there, the 3 symbols hidden on the tabs will be uncovered. You may also make great use of the Auto-Reveal Tab. This option helps you open all the tabs at once.

There are many ways to trigger pay-outs on Snapshot Pull Tab. For winning combinations of 3 Cameras, 3 Zooms, 3 Deletes or 3 Flashes, you can respectively win 10x, 20x, 40x or 80x. You may also earn 2x the total stake amount when combinations of either 3 Aces or 3 Kings appear on any of the tabs. Since you have 4 chances of winning on each round, you can earn a maximum of £12,400 if the max bet is active on Snapshot Pull Tab.

Symbols Available

The collection of symbols that you will find on the cards include Zoom, Camera, Delete, Flash Wild, King and Ace. The Wild Card replaces any other symbols to complete winning combinations.

Betting Options

Start your gaming session by placing your preferred stake amount in the Bet Field. The stakes on Snapshot Pull Tab range from a minimum of £0.10 up to a maximum of £20.00. Under the Settings Tab, you will find the Auto-Play Tab. This feature lets you pre-set 10 to 100 game rounds to play hands-free.

Why You Should Play Snapshot Pull Tab

Technologies have taken the world to another level! This pull tab game is themed on the latest cameras where you can virtually experience the thrill and fun. What’s more? It comes with numerous tip-top pay-outs.


Realistic Games is a software maestro that doesn’t haggle on the means to create some modernistic pull tab games infused with some features. The latter has a group of alpha geeks that have depth know-how in generating top of the line creations.

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