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Casino Stud Poker Progressive

Casino Stud Poker Progressive

Casino Stud Poker is an online video poker game which can be played at one of UK’s online casino sites – Regal Wins Casino. Poker originates from a card game called Pochen. The game was played in the sixteenth century and was later developed into a French version called Poque. During the years, the game further evolved and was known as Poker. Casino Stud Poker is played with a 52-card deck where you can win on your Ante Bet. You may also trigger the progressive jackpot on the optional Jackpot side bet. Get ready for a transcendent poker episode!

Game in Action

Bonus Rounds and Features

On this entertaining online game, you and the dealer will each receive five cards. The aim is to decide whether to Call or Fold. If you Call, you place an extra Call bet which is equal to double your Ante Bet. In the event that you Fold, you lose both your Ante Bet and your optional Jackpot bet on Casino Stud Poker. The dealer will then uncover his cards and the best 5 card poker hand wins.

The Hand Rankings on this game are as follows: Royal Flush, Straight Flush, 4 of a Kind, Full House, Flush, Straight, 3 of a Kind, two Pair and one pair or less. Pay-outs on the bonus paytable are as follows: Royal Flush - 100:1, Straight Flush - 50:1, 4 of a Kind - 20:1, Full House - 7:1, Flush - 5:1, Straight - 4:1, 3 of a Kind - 3:1, two Pair - 2:1, and one pair or less - 1:1.

The jackpot paytable on Casino Stud Poker will award you 10% of the jackpot for a Royal Flush and a Straight Flush. You will also be rewarded £500 for a 4 of a kind, £100 for a Full House and £50 for a flush.

Betting Options

Chips value ranges between £1, £5, £10, £25 and £100. Select your desired bet and click on the table location where you wish to place the chip. If you want to remove a bet, you can simply click on the X chip and on the chip you wish to remove. But if you want to remove all bets, press on the Clear All button. The 3 types of bets on Casino Stud Poker are Jackpot, Ante and Bet.

Why You Should Play Casino Stud Poker Progressive

If you love playing online poker games, Casino Stud Poker could easily be a good fit for you. Why? Because the game contains 3 types of bets called Jackpot, Ante and Bet. What’s more, the graphics are very appealing to the eyes!


Play’n GO is the one who came up with this idea to create Casino Stud Poker! This software engineer is also involved in other online machines available on Regal Wins Casino.

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