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Jackpot Poker Progressive

Jackpot Poker Progressive

Have you given a try to Poker Games once? Isn’t it all fun and games when it comes to the strategic moves and the betting styles. Not to forget the time when the cards are revealed. It is totally a thrilling moment! However, it is a fact that Poker Games can be time-consuming. Here is a way that you can play Poker in a fast-paced, action-packed and exciting gameplay. Say yes to Jackpot Poker Progressive.

This card game is a single player Poker video game. It is presented as a machine on your screen and the gameplay includes the dealing of five cards. The better hands you get, the better will be your wins. Are you ready to try this new and original adaptation of Poker games at Regal Wins? Here come the details of this phenomenal card game!

Game In Action

Bonus Rounds And Features

Jackpot Poker Progressive is played with a standard card deck which is reshuffled after each round. Once you’ve selected the number of coins of your choice, you simply need to click on the Deal button.

Five Cards will be dealt. By clicking on a card, you hold it. By clicking it again, you un-hold it. Hold the cards that you believe can bring you a good hand and click Deal once again to have the showdown. All unheld cards will be swapped and if it forms a hand that is displayed at the top of the game, you are awarded a win.

The game comes with a Gamble Feature to amplify those wins. Once you obtain a win, you can click on the Gamble button displayed on the user interface tab. By correctly guessing the card colour in the Gamble round, you can boost the wins. It is incredibly exciting since it is both tense and thrilling! Which cards are you going to get? Discover it by clicking on the Deal yourself.

Symbols Available

Since Jackpot Poker Progressive is an adaptation of the traditional Poker Game, it is played with cards. As such, there are no Symbols available on this game.

Betting Options

The bets on Jackpot Poker Progressive are based on coins. The values for the coins used to play is fixed at £1. However, you are given the option to choose the number of coins you wish to play per round. At the start of each round, you can select between 1 to 5 coins to be played. A Bet Max option is offered as well. Clicking on it will have the maximum bet set, 5 coins per round.

You are also offered the option to Auto Hold the hand in case it is a winning one before being dealt.

Why You Should Play Jackpot Poker Progressive

Jackpot Poker Progressive is simple and does not include many complex decisions making or strategies. Following a quite easy gameplay, you can easily play multiple rounds in a short amount of time if you wish. Jackpot Poker Progressive also offers a dynamic Progressive Jackpot for mega amounts of potential wins.


Jackpot Poker was created by the latest technologies of Play’n Go. The latter is no new game provider at Regal Wins. The top online casino site has had plenty of games from this game provider which grew to be hot favourites for fervent players in no time. Thanks to the quality and exceptional entertainment of the games.

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