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Deal or No Deal Roulette

Deal or No Deal Roulette

About Deal or No Deal

Good news for those who are a big fan of the television game show titled Deal or No Deal! Regal Wins Casino brings to you its online version bearing the same name. The game is played with up to 26 cases, each covering randomly assigned sums of money. Be ready to answer the titular question, "Deal or no deal?" If you have always wished to participate in the game show, the time has come. Feel free to load it up through any device of your choice!

Game in Action

Bonus Rounds and Features

Once you get started, you will have to play through up to 5 rounds of Deal or No Deal box picking. You can opt for two options: Select each individual boxes or use the ‘QUICK PICK BOXES’ button to auto-pick boxes for you. The Banker’s Offer pops up after each round where you must select whether to ‘DEAL’ or ‘NO DEAL’ using the appropriate button.

Simply click on ‘DEAL’ to accept the cash offer. You will then be awarded the cash amount of the offer and the current game will end. The value inside your Lucky Box will also be seen. If you opt for ‘NO DEAL’, it will reject the cash offer and continue on to the next box picking round.

Expect The Banker to make his last offer as soon as there are only 2 boxes remaining. Clicking on ‘NO DEAL’ on this offer will pay out the amount within your Lucky Box. Deal or No Deal is kind of similar to the television game show. Whether you are a fan or not, you are bound to experience a thrill out of it anytime.

Betting Options

Follow the steps once you set things rolling! Feel free to choose the desired stake amount and to play the game. A Balance field is also at your disposal. It is located on the left-hand side where you can check your balance from time to time. Do not forget to choose your Lucky Box from any of the 26 boxes on the shelves!

Why You Should Play Deal or No Deal

Deal or No Deal is entertaining and fun. If you want to break the slots routine, you can try this arcade game which is simple yet thrilling. It is a replica of the initial television game show. What’s more? You can access it through any mobile phone, tablet and desktop devices.


Playzido never ceases to amaze the gaming industry and players alike. Who could have thought that one of the most popular television game shows would appear in the form of a game? That’s Playzido for you!

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