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European BlackJack

European BlackJack

Switch Studios is a subsidiary of Microgaming Systems, the popular game provider. It is a game that features the classic rules of Blackjack, even if the name says European Blackjack. Engage in the gameplay of the all-time favourite casino game, Blackjack at Regal Wins Casino. You may play the game on any device of your choice, even on mobile! Yes, if you’re in your home, looking for some casino fun, then this game is a nice one to resort to. Let’s check out the interesting elements that form part of European Blackjack Switch!

Game In Action

Bonus Rounds And Features

There are no major features on European Blackjack Switch. But one worth mentioning is that it follows the classic rules of blackjack. Don’t know how to play? It’s quite simple. At the start of the round, you get to wager the bet of your choice. Then it’s time for the dealer to act. He will deal two cards to himself and all players. The Dealer’s cards appear one face up and one face down.

For players, all cards are face up. Your aim is to get a higher score than the dealer without exceeding 21. And how’s that done? Blackjack comes with an interesting feature. You count card scores depending on the card that you’ve got. Aces are worth 11 or 1 points. Two to tens are worth their face values. As for kings, queens and jacks, they are all worth ten points.

Based on the score you get, you can play and try to reach higher than the dealer. Watch out. If you exceed a score of 21, you will be removed from play.

If you have less than 21, you can hit your hand to have an additional card. This is an attempt to increase your card scores. If you get pairs, you may split your hand into two and a wager of the same value will be set on the second hand. You may also Double your bets, if you think that you can win.

A common bet that can be set, which is a side bet, is the Insurance Bet. This bet will refund you half your total bet in case the dealer emerges as a Blackjack Winner. A blackjack means that the dealer or a player earned a total score of 21 with his two initial cards.

Symbols Available

There are no symbols available on European Blackjack Switch. That’s because it is a casino game and not a slot game. If you’re looking for slots, head to the slot section!

Betting Options

You can set the bets of your choice on European Blackjack Switch. At the bottom of the screen, find chip values that can be set accordingly. You are allowed to choose from a minimum of 1.00 as chip values.

Why You Should Play European Blackjack Switch

European Blackjack Switch is optimised for mobile, tablet and desktop devices. The games can be played via iOS and Android devices, becoming a plus in accessibility.


European Blackjack Switch is powered by Microgaming Systems. For more games by the provider, visit Regal Wins Casino.

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