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Lucky Falls

Lucky Falls

Make a wish and drop a coin into the waterfall on Lucky Falls at Regal Wins! On this instant-win game, the waterfall can prove to be lucky. Join the virtual action in a lush green landscape in Ireland. The waterfall is found beneath a colourful rainbow, with butterflies hovering on the grassy banks. At the bottom of the screen, you can see 6 wooden buckets marked by clovers of different colours. Plus, a pot of gold sits in the centre. Drop 7 coins over the waterfall and trigger a win if 3 of them land in the same bucket!

Game in Action

Bonus Rounds and Features

Unearth the features of Lucky Falls! On this game, enjoy an Instant Win Bonus round when your coin falls into the Treasure pot in the centre. During this feature, gemstones are displayed. Pick one of them to unveil a random cash prize. The bonus round is so simple and no special skills are required!

Symbols Available

While playing Lucky Falls, you can come across symbols like clovers of different colours and coins.

Betting Options

It’s time to make a wish! Start your gameplay on Lucky Falls by selecting any ticket price like 50p, £1, £2, £3, £5 or £10. With a 50p ticket, you can expect a maximum payout of £1,000, while a £10 ticket offers up to £150,000. After your selection is made, an entire waterfall is displayed. In the cascading water, you can see different rows of rocks. Press the “Drop” button to drop gold coins from above. The coins bounce off the rocks to fall into the buckets found at the bottom.

Lucky Falls provides you with 7 coins that represent 7 chances. The different prize amounts depend on the colour of the buckets. If you wish to speed things up, hit “Auto Play” to launch a number of automated games. You may also click on Stop anytime to cancel this feature. Your goal here is to drop a minimum of 3 coins into the same bucket to trigger a corresponding prize.

Why You Should Play Lucky Falls

Lucky Falls is a beautifully designed game which offers instant payouts. Plus, it also creates a relaxing atmosphere with its design. Expect a maximum prize of £150,000 on this innovative game!


Lucky Falls is an instant-win game created by IGT, coming with a lovely layout. Admire the waterfall as you enjoy simple and smooth gameplay. It is packed with vibrant colours which look almost lifelike while creating a peaceful and refreshing atmosphere. IGT is a game developer which is popular for such high-end gaming products.

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