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Monkey Drop

Monkey Drop

Every player must have surely delighted in the Wildlife or Asian themed games. But how about a combination of both themes in a video slot game? This is what you are going to experience on Monkey Drop, an instant win game. This online game is all about loading up banana-shaped win-meters when the balls hit the right spots, dropping balls onto coloured tiles and cartoon monkeys climbing around Chinese buildings. It might be an instant win game, but this online machine has lots of similarities to classic slot machines. So punters, are you ready to have a ball? Have a transcendent gambling happening on Monkey Drop, playable at one UK’s casino site – Regal Wins Casino!

Game in Action

Bonus Rounds and Features

Since the game doesn’t contain any symbols, you will come across a monkey holding a ball with its feet, flying above a wooden plank. This plank is crafted with smaller balls and at the bottom, there are different highlighted tiles. It starts with green, purple, yellow, centre tile, pink, blue, red. The objective on Monkey Drop is to drop the 7 balls one by one so that they land into any of these special tiles.

During the gameplay, you will notice that the green balls will collide with the smaller balls. In the event that the balls land into the same highlighted tiles 3 times, you earn an equivalent prize amount. You will also find the coloured tiles on the displayed paytable on Monkey Drop. Next to each of them, many banana symbols are cut into three. Whenever the ball lands into one of these tinted tiles, one part of the banana symbol is highlighted. As soon as it is fully highlighted, you are granted the winnings.

Betting Options

Set going by adjusting the preferred stake amount on the Ticket Cost Tab. The betting options range from £1.00, £2.00, £3.00, £5.00 to £10.00. Once the bet value has been placed on Monkey Drop, you will be able to wallow in an exhilarating gambling experience. It is good to note that each bet you place on this highly entertaining game grants 7 drops. 

Why You Should Play Monkey Drop

Monkey Drop an appealing instant-win types of game. Why? Because there are a little judgement and skill required when you decide when the mischievous monkey releases a ball. What’s more? The mini-game is second to none. 


IGT is the game provider which came up with Monkey Drop. Known for its capability to design significant games, the latter has been very active in the online gaming realm!

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