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Three Card Stud - IGT

Three Card Stud - IGT

Three Card Poker is a popular poker variation available to play at Regal Wins Casino. The game is brought to you by IGT. Enjoy the many features and elements that this great game showcases on your screen. Why not engage in some rounds? Some great moments might unfold! To play the game, log into your account at Regal Wins Casino and start the gameplay!

Game In Action

Bonus Rounds And Features

Whenever you begin playing Three Card Poker, you need to set an Ante Bet. Only then will the game start. You are dealt three cards and the dealer takes three as well. When the cards reach your side, you get the option to Play (place an extra bet equal to Ante Bet in an attempt to raise) or Fold your hand (Surrender the Ante Bet). Once you make your choice, the dealer’s hand is uncovered, and hand values are evaluated. Here are the winning conditions;

If the dealer has a Queen or better and your hand is equal to his, the Ante and raised bets are restored.

If the dealer does not have a Queen or better, then the Ante bet is rewarded, and the Play bet is restored.

If the dealer has a Queen and your hand is higher than his, you are rewarded both the Ante Bet and Play Bet.

If the dealer has a Queen and your hand is lower than his, all the bets are lost.

Three Card Poker can grant you an extra Bonus on the Ante if you hold a strong hand. This may be awarded regardless of the dealer’s hand or outcome of the round.

Symbols Available

Three Card Poker is an online poker variation game. It does not come with symbols. If you want to play the game with symbols, then head to the slots page where loads of slots are available!

Betting Options

Play Three Card Poker using the device of your choice. You might want to know how to select the bets of your choice. If so, then feel free to click on the Chips icon at the bottom of the screen. This will activate the Chips tab and you may select the values you like to play the game. Feel free to change them whenever you want!

Why You Should Play Three Card Poker

Three Card Poker is optimised for mobile, tablet and desktop devices. You can enjoy the game whenever you want. The rules are not complicated either. That’s why you can easily enjoy the game. Ready for some fun rounds?


IGT is behind the entertaining game. You might have heard of this great game provider. They are behind the creation of other top games in the league, including the hot favourite, Cleopatra Slot. Entertain yourself with their games whenever you feel like!

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