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3 Hand Casino Hold'em

3 Hand Casino Hold'em

Having dedicated their time in finding a new favourite for their players, Play’n GO has done it again! Introducing 3 Hand Casino Hold’Em to you all is an addition to the collection of poker available at Regal Wins Casino! Instead of one, you get three chances at beating the dealer at their own game! How does it work? Well, let us find out!

Game in Action

Bonus Rounds and Features

In 3 Hand Casino Hold’Em, three community cards are dealt face-up on the table. If these match any of your hands, all you must do is create a pair of Aces or better, this will result in an AA Bonus payout by the dealer. You can then decide to either call or fold each of your hands. If you opt to call, a call bet is placed.

The dealer then deals the final two community cards face up after calling or folding your active hands and will reveal his/her hidden cards. The best available 5 card poker hands will be selected for each active hand. This will be done by using the five community cards and two cards in each hand.

If your hands are better than the dealer’s hand, you win! If any of the hands are weaker than the dealer’s hand, he wins. If your hands are equal to the dealer’s hand, it’s a Push. Your Call and Ante Bets are then returned.

Symbols Available

Since 3 Hand Casino Hold’Em is a table & card game, no symbols are available in this one. If symbols interest you, feel free to visit the Slots section where you can find a series of slot games that involve interesting symbols and bonus features.

Betting Options

Before you start your gameplay, begin by placing an Ante Bet on one, two or three hands. The betting options are located at the bottom of the screen. There is an additional bet called the AA Bonus Bet which can be placed along with the Ante Bet. Once all bets have been placed, the dealer will draw two cards face up for each of the active hands and there will be two cards face down to the dealer.

Why You Should Play 3 Hand Casino Hold’Em

Designed with high definition graphics and new features, this addition to poker is proving to be a favourite. You can enjoy this game on a mobile, tablet or desktop devices as well.


The software company behind the creation of 3 Hand Casino Hold’Em is none other than Play’n Go. This game provider is popular for their consistency in providing the best games and is one of the popular providers amongst the rest of the gaming monsters such as NetEnt and Scientific Games. Thanks to the great graphics and features.

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