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Ready to take part in an Instant Win game - Wheel Of Fortune Winning Words? This little gem is a fast-play game that provides 12 turns to match all letters in a word. Plus, there are some multipliers that add the right dose of thrill along your gameplay. To pepper up your instant win session, there is a multiplier wheel feature on all winning games. Wheel of Fortune Winning Words Instant Wins game is worth the detour.

Game In Action

Bonus Rounds and Features

After you’ve personalised your betting options and after you’ve clicked on the ‘Spin’ tab, 12 cards will present itself on the screen. The cards will face down and you’ll find out that each one hides a different letter. Now, after you’ve clicked each card or by picking the Auto-Reveal option, the letters will be uncovered. Any letter that is being used in any word, will be highlighted. In the event that the words have been wholly highlighted, the corresponding amount is won on Wheel of Fortune Winning Words.

A multiplier will be granted to you if you’ve completed any of the words. You will spot 6 multipliers on another display which will be added to a golden wheel. On Wheel of Fortune Winning Words, the wheel will spin and whichever multiplier it will stop on, will be applied to your overall winnings.

Betting Options

What’s up with the betting option on Wheel of Fortune Winning Words? Let’s find out to make your gaming episodes extra fun. Note that there are various betting options from which you can cherry-pick on the Price Tab. There are £1, £2, £3, £5 or £10. After you’ve selected your favourite bets, words will crop up on the screen. On the wheel, you’ll find three arrows and it showcases the colours of the words that are displayed on the screen. Just after you’ve clicked on the ‘Spin’ Tab, the wheel will swirl so that each arrow stops on a specific prize amount.

Why You Should Play Wheel Of Fortune Winning Words

You should play Wheel of Fortune Winning Words because it is a fun-filled Instant Win that is packed with multipliers. Are you all set to have some fun gaming episodes?


The software master behind Wheel Of Fortune Winning Words is IGT. This pioneering software developer has a dab hand in creating some of the top innovation in the gambling world.

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