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Live Baccarat - Evolution

Live Baccarat - Evolution

Time to plunge in a Baccarat gameplay at Regal Wins, the online casino site. Grab a chair and get set with your mocktail glass to play Live Baccarat Evolution on your mobile, tablet or desktop device. A little snap of cards, a good score on your hands and poof! You are good to go with some entertainment alongside. Plus, this adaptation at your favourite casino site is a Live Game. You will be having a real dealer joining the gameplay. Say hello, dear player! Time for some Live Baccarat!

Game In Action

Bonus Rounds And Features

This variation offers all those elements that will make you feel as if you are playing in a real casino. Well, you might be your drink once in a while, but the chat option offered on Live Baccarat Evolution will change everything. You can chat with live players and even the dealer. Give it a go, the dealer will reply back!

Live Baccarat Evolution is played with the standard 52 card deck… eight of them. If the player and the banker have equal points when it comes to the cards, a tie is announced. To note: Aces, the most prestigious card, is worth one point. From the number two to nine, they carry their face values. Tens, Kings, Queens and Jacks carry zero points each.

Live Baccarat Evolution follows the traditional style of playing Baccarat. The Player and Banker will be dealt two cards. You will have to predict which of these two will be the closest to the score, 9 or if it will end on a Tie. Since all the scores exceeding 10 will have ten marks deducted from the score to give the final score, be sure to go wisely on Live Baccarat Evolution.

Usually, if the first two cards dealt on the Banker or Player is a pair, you are awarded the side bet wins!

You are offered three options to help you during your gameplay. The Repeat option allows you to set the same stakes of the previous round for the current round. The Double will double the value of the stakes and the Undo option will remove all your bets from the table.

Symbols Available

Live Baccarat Evolution is a variation of the card game, Baccarat, and it does not involve any symbols during its gameplay.

Betting Options

You are given the betting options: Banker, Player, Banker Pair, Tie or Player Pair Side Bets. You are given a pool of chips where you can select your desired chip value. The given values are: 1, 5, 25, 100, 500 and 1,000 can be selected and placed on the Banker, Player or Tie section of the table.

Why You Should Play Live Baccarat Evolution

If you are a card game enthusiast or just looking for some card game on your device, Live Baccarat Evolution is the way to go. Not only does it include the latest technologies that enable a live stream Baccarat game to appear on your screens, but you will also be plunged in a casino-like ambience right away.


Live Baccarat Evolution operates on the leading-edge software set by the vanguard of live gaming, Evolution Gaming. This software developer has aced all elements to present players with the best and most lavishing live casino games.

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