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Live Blackjack White - Evolution

Live Blackjack White - Evolution

Imagine that you are seated in your home and surfing at Regal Wins for some top casino games to play and all of a sudden, you are immersed in a virtual world where a live game of Blackjack is being played! Wouldn’t that be great? Well, on Live Blackjack White, you can live in such an experience and that also, via your mobile, tablet or desktop device. As you will be clicking on the game, you will be brought to the lobby of table and card games. Spot Live Blackjack White and poof! You are all set and ready for some casino sessions!

Game In Action

Bonus Rounds And Features

It is quite a scene to witness on Live Blackjack White. As you enter the game, you will be greeted by the charming dealer, dressed in fine style! Obviously, since they do it the classy way around here. The game allows you to be part of live-streamed Blackjack gameplay while making use of bet options, standard moves as well as info about the game.

On Live Blackjack White, you are presented with the option to chat with the dealer as well as the players. Simply navigate to the top left side of the screen where the chat field is presented. Don’t forget to say hi to the dealer!

Live Blackjack White is so much fun when played in groups. Everyone can join the game by clicking on the Sit Here circle. Is the table fully booked? No worries, player… you can go for the yellow Bet Behind tab that allows you to bet on another player’s hand.

The game is played with the standard rules of Blackjack. You as well as the dealer are dealt two cards. You should try to get your score closer to 21 or the number itself. If you get a total score of 21 with the initial two cards, it is known as a natural hand or a Blackjack. Exceeding 21 will result in being busted.

Want to know about the scores, Aces carry one or eleven points while numbers 2 to 10 take their face values. Face cards will take 10 points each.

Betting Options

Live Blackjack White presents a range of chips that differ in terms of values. Once you grab a seat, you will be offered the diverse chip values that range from £1 to £1000. Feel free to select the ones you deem fine. Clicking the bet circle will allow you to place your bets and clicking the outer yellow circle will enable you to place side bets.

The game offers standard betting options as well as exclusive ones including Insurance Bet, Bet Behind and Best Hand. Side bets like Perfect Pairs, Coloured Pairs, Mixed Pair and 21+3 are also offered.

Why Should You Play Live Blackjack White?

Dive into the world of gaming with Live Blackjack White on your mobile, tablet and desktop device. This classic blackjack game covers all the elements required for the perfect casino experience. Those who tried it know!


Evolution Gaming is the crafty mind behind the creation of Live Blackjack White. The latter has been known as one of the greatest innovators when it comes to Live Casino Games. Expect to come across high-quality fun with their creations.

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