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Live Dragon Tiger - Evolution

Live Dragon Tiger - Evolution

Something easy and quick to kickstart your amazing casino time? Say yes to Live Dragon Tiger! This outstanding and fun card game is one of a kind. Following a simple rule to win, you might be emerging as a potential winner on Live Dragon Tiger in no time! Everything seems to be quite classy around Regal Wins... However, when you launch this gorgeous card game, you will be thrilled with the crimson red settings and Chinese theme given to the background. With the sublime design of a dragon and a tiger on each side, this is surely going to be a showdown of two epic creatures of Chinese Mythology!

Game In Action

Bonus Rounds And Features

Quick and fast-paced, Live Dragon Tiger follows the simplest of card game rules. You will need to predict who between the fiery dragon and the mighty tiger will have the higher card value. As such, prior to each round, players will need to set a bet on either the Dragon, the Tiger or a tie.

A statistic board is presented on the side of the betting circle. You will be able to view the past prediction histories and choose which creature is going to overshadow the other. Legendary clash, isn’t it?

Live Dragon Tiger is a live-streamed game. The exquisite Chinese setting and the charming dealer dressed in traditional outfits are all real! Yes, that’s right. The game uses highly advanced technologies so that the quality of the visuals are not compromised at any cost. HD graphics and sounds are the same regardless of the device and network connections.

The game also includes a chat option. This is found at the left section of the screen, just at the top of the statistic board. Say Hi to the dealer of Live Dragon Tiger!

Symbols Available

Live Dragon Tiger is a card game. Since card game involves a deck of cards only during their gameplay, there are no symbols present.

Betting Options

This fast-paced game offers various chip values like 1, 5, 25, 100, 500 and 1000. You can select any of these values at the beginning of each round. Clicking on either the Tiger, Dragon or Tie on the betting section will allow you to place the bet.

Use the Repeat or Double option available to ease the betting time. Repeat will add the bet amount of the previous round while double will instantly double the set amount.

Why Should You Play Live Dragon Tiger?

If you are looking for something simple and fast, Live Dragon Tiger is the perfect game to play! Not only is it full of thrilling occasions but it will also plunge you into some incredible gameplay with its graphics and Chinese backdrop.


Live Dragon Tiger is the creation of Evolution Gaming. This software developer has offered numerous other adaptations of classic card games throughout its history. Tune in Regal Wins to check out some of their other terrific creations.

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