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Live Three Card Poker - Evolution

Live Three Card Poker - Evolution

Live Three Card Poker is another variant of poker games in the online gambling world! Three Card Poker is the most common speciality table game of all times. One of UK’s online casino sites – Regal Wins Casino gives punters the opportunity to experience it live too! The backdrop of this creation overlooks the entrance of a real casino, along with a calming music and lighting colours. Once you take a seat at the table, a professional and friendly dealer will greet you. Have some leaps and frolics on Live Three Card Poker from the comfort of your own home!

Game in Action

Bonus Rounds and Features

The Chat Option is one of the features of this live game. The live dealers are ready to answer any of your questions and you may even chat with other players at the same table. Simply type your message and send it in the display where you will also hear the dealer respond in high-quality audio through the speakers.

The aim of Live Three Card Poker is to beat the dealer with a strong and better three-card hand. Usually, the cards are dealt face down. This game shouldn’t be confused with Live Casino Hold’em. Three card poker is played with only 3 cards. The dealer and players both get dealt 3 cards. Have some transcendent gambling activities!

Betting Options

Set going on Live Three Card Poker by choosing an Ante bet (Initial Bet). There are different ways to win on this entertaining game and it has two optional side bets to delight in.

Pair Plus bet can be made if you have placed an ante bet. Simply place your preferred amount of chip on the Pair Plus betting spot to make a Pair Plus bet. On the other hand, the 6 Bonus Card bet on Live Three Card Poker might give a player one more chance to win.

The payout for Pair Plus – Pair - 4:1, Flush - 4:1, Straight – 5:1, Three of a Kind - 30:1, Straight Flush – 40:1 and Mini Royal – 100:1. The payout for Ante Bonus – Straight – 1:1, Three of a Kind – 4:1 and Straight Flush or Higher – 5:1. The payout for 6 Card Bonus – Three of a kind – 7:1, Straight – 10:1, Flush – 15:1, Full House – 20:1, Four of a kind – 100:1, Straight Flush – 200:1 and Royal Flush – 1000:1.

Why You Should Play Live Three Card Poker

Live Three Card Poker is one of the most popular table games in the UK and American land-based casinos. It is the only game where just 3 cards are dealt for both the dealer and the player.


Evolution Gaming is a software wizard which has great success in the online gambling world! This gaming architect crafts games with some innovative technologies. Live Three Card Poker is one of its brilliant productions and is available to play at Regal Wins Casino.

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