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Live Dealer – Play It Live!

Did you try some table games today? Well, at Regal Wins, you will come across the truly great variations of table and card games. However, players are usually looking for a casino-like experience even if they are playing. Sounds difficult? Well, not at Regal Wins! Here, the casino site has set up innovative technologies and innovations to provide players with the most worthy casino experience ever!


Visualise that you wanted to engage in a round of Roulette, but you are stuck at home due to unforeseen circumstances. You take your mobile and land on Regal Wins to play some casino games. Noticing the Live Dealer section, you decide to give it a go and poof! You feel like you are in a real casino! How is that possible, you think? Thanks to the gem of technology, the Live Dealer Games!

Live Dealer games are technology at its finest! Whenever you resort to Live Dealer Games for entertainment, you will be presented with an extensive list of table and card games waiting to be played. Live Dealer Games are streamed… live! With a real dealer at the end of the streaming, you will have entertainment as if you were in a real casino! Why not seize the moment to have a breakdown of Live Dealer Games at Regal Wins? You might have a clearer picture of this product!

Inside A Live Dealer Room…

At Regal Wins, players are presented with a range of choices for their Live Games. Feel free to browse through the list and select that lucky game that will enthral your senses. Once the game is loaded, you will be brought inside the virtual casino where a live dealer is handling the games.

The graphics are indeed dynamic. High-quality visuals and animations fill the background. To top it off; the ambient music, a casino like chatty atmosphere, brings the entertainment and immersive gameplay to a whole new level. What about that charming fellow handling the game? Whether it is a gentleman or a lady, he/she will be dressed in formal wears. After all, Regal Wins brings to the fore a posh and luxe environment. The dealer does not only spread cards, turn Roulette wheels and open or closes bets. They also greet players whenever they join the game. Talk about the courtesy!

Why not reply back that gentle hello on behalf of the dealer? You can do so by navigating to the text field that allows live chat to occur. Amazing, right? By typing your words and pressing the send button, players may interact with each other as well as the dealer. Such elements are truly adding to the magic of Live Dealer Games.


Time to go a little technical! Live Dealer games use the latest technologies of software developers including NetEnt, and Evolution Gaming to bring to your screen the top quality of games. They support the Responsive Adaptive Design that allows Live Dealer games to be compatible on mobile, tablet and desktop devices. While the games are streamed live, expect to have the best out of the games regardless of your device or internet connection.

Understood! But What To Play?

Regal Wins proposes a grandiose collection of famous table and card games. You are offered an array of variations of Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette and Poker that are all equally thrilling. How about a little glimpse of the numerous adaptations of these games at the casino site? You might wish to try the recommendations at the end!


The 21-point game is here as well! Get yourself in the mood and play this card game known as the most popular casino game. At Regal Wins, you are presented with some terrific ones like Live Blackjack Classic, Live Blackjack Professional, Live Common Draw Blackjack and plenty more. Do you have what it takes to get the Blackjack? Discover by choosing one of these Live Dealer games.


Spin the Roulette wheel and place your chips on the play table. The roulette ball will be embraced by a number pocket that matches your bet number. Wouldn’t it be nice to immerse in the roulette entertainment at Regal Wins? Well, play the Live Dealer roulette variants like Live American Roulette, Live Immersive Roulette, Live Rocket Roulette amongst many others.


Strategise your next move around a game of Poker at Regal Wins. This half-skill half-luck game is proposed in few variants readily available for play. Connect to the casino site and engage in some rounds of Live Texas Hold’em Poker, Live Caribbean Stud Poker, Live Three Card Poker just to name a few. Will it be your time to shine? Time to check it out!


Preparing the perfect Baccarat coup? Even if the player or banker wins the round, the entertainment will always be here. Try this phenomenal card game on the Live Dealer page. Numerous adaptations are set at your disposal including Live Speed Baccarat, Live Baccarat Evolution, Live Baccarat Squeeze and more. Experience the other top adaptations at Regal Wins as you will.

Should It Be Called A Deal?

Why not spare a few rounds on Live Dealer games at Regal Wins? New players are being awarded a welcome offer on their first deposit. The perfect moment to kickstart your entertainment with some casino games! Drop in the deposit as you will and pocket the welcome bonus. It will be worth your clicks.



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