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Live Baccarat

Live Baccarat – Will It Be The Banker Or The Player?

Live Baccarat – Will It Be The Banker Or The Player?

With Live Casino Games, the thrill of playing in a brick and mortar casino is brought to your home. Playing your favourite casino games has never been so easy. The entertainment is brought to another level, thanks to the introduction of Live Baccarat.

Watch out! You should not be confusing Online Baccarat with Live Baccarat! What’s the difference, you might ask? It’s simple. Online Baccarat is like dealing with a computer, wagering on a game that involves Random Number Generators for the outcomes. As for Live Baccarat, it is a live-streamed gameplay. Live Baccarat comes with no Random Number Generators and it is all about the classic way of playing Baccarat.

Zoom On Live Baccarat

When you play live dealer games, you are actually playing against a real-life dealer in a studio or casino. The gameplay is in real time and instead of dealing with software, you play with real cards! All the splendour and entertaining elements of Live Baccarat are brought to your mobile, tablet and desktop devices. Yes, you may engage in some rounds in the comfort of your home!

What Are The Features Of Live Baccarat

Surely, features would vary with each variation of Live Baccarat. But there are some that will remain the same on all.  One of the key reasons and features encountered while playing Baccarat in a Live Dealer version is the streaming capabilities. You get to enjoy live streamed gameplays that are unaffected by the speed of your broadband.

Live Baccarat allows you to set the bets of your choice as well. With a multiplicity of options available to select convenient wagers, players can play a round or two in total comfort! It turns out that the Live Version of the popular card game follows similar rules as played in real! That means there’s no compromise in the quality of the games at any point!

Live Baccarat games present the Live Chat option as well. Want to say Hi to the dealer? Or share some words with the other punters seated next to you around the virtual table? The Chat option is handy. Make the most out of it!

You no longer need to dress up or travel long distances to get the ambience of a casino! With Live Baccarat, you get to connect yourself to a virtual casino in the comfort of your home. The games are also optimised for mobile, tablet and desktop devices. That’s because they all come with the Responsive Adaptive Design, allowing all features of the Live Dealer game to be optimised for all devices!

Even if online baccarat is 100% safe and fair, there are some who believe that they are not completely random. If you are among those, then live Baccarat will fit for you. There’s nothing hidden from your sight on camera and you get to watch the dealer shuffle and turn over cards. No need to worry about any rigged software since there is none on Live Baccarat.

How To Play Live Baccarat?

Live Baccarat comes with an interface that’s very similar to what you will encounter in a regular casino. Just like in the real version of Baccarat, you are given three options to bet on. These are known as the Player, Banker and Tie Options. At the beginning of each round, you get to select the bets of your choice and wager on the options. Now, which of these three options should you wager on?

That’s where the Live Baccarat Rules come into action. The dealer will deal two cards to both the Banker and the Player Option. The option that displays a score closer or equal to nine points wins the game. If you had wagered on the Player and the Player stood on a score closer to nine, then you will get a pay-out.

How are scores calculated? That’s based on the cards you’ve obtained! What happens is known as card counting. Aces are worth 1 point. Two to nines of any suit are worth their face value. Tens and above are worth zero points. In the end, the value of the two cards are combined and the sum is the score of the hand.

But wait! There’s a catch. If the total score is a two-digit number, the first digit is removed! Scores should only be one-digit numbers. For example, if your total score is a 10, the one is removed, leaving you with a final score of 0. The same goes for a score of 18. The one is removed, leaving you with 8 points.

On some variations of Baccarat, the Third Card Rule is applied. With this rule, if player options have a total score of five or less, they are dealt a third card. You might have wagered on the tie option. You get wins if both the Banker and the Player stand on the same score.

The rules of Live Baccarat are simple, and you may engage in some great baccarat variations at Regal Wins Casino. Feel free to browse the list. There are fun titles that are waiting to be played via your mobile, tablet and desktop devices. Register at the casino site and enjoy Live Baccarat.



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