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Live Blackjack

Live Blackjack – Casino-like entertainment… At Home!

Live Blackjack – Casino-like entertainment… At Home!

With Live Blackjack games at Regal Wins, you get to capture all the table action and fun happenings in vivid HD quality! That’s right, witness a live streamed blackjack gameplay bringing you an authentic experience. With most elements related to the popular card game only a few clicks away, take a seat and join one of the ultimate blackjack experiences only at Regal Wins Casino!

Thanks to the advanced technology used in making the Live Dealer Blackjack games, every decision, every bet and every move is recorded as quickly as possible. Responsive to every interaction, enjoy casino-like entertainment in the comfort of your home. That’s what sets the Live Blackjack experience apart from traditional online blackjack variations available. Real dealers, real wagers and real wins!

Regal Wins Casino is one of the popular online casino destinations. And now, the site is competing to become one of the top places to play Live Blackjack. If you’re a fan of the 21-number game or just want to know what Live Dealer games feel like, then you’re covered. Go for your favourite betting options and be ready to use the many moves and secure your wins.

What’s really a perk worth mentioning is the accessibility to the Live Blackjack games. You can play anywhere you go! All variations of the card game online are fully optimised for PC, laptops and Macs. But that’s not all. You may engage in a round or two via mobile and tablets as well. Whether it is iPhones or Android operated systems, the game will be similar. No need to worry about a lag in the action or disrupted gameplays.

A, B, C Of Blackjack

Live Blackjack games follow more or less the same rules of classic blackjack, just as they are played in real life. The changes come only in terms of features and side bets. Some offer 21+3 side bets or pairs side bets. Regardless of the changes existent in some Live blackjack games, there are rules that remain consistent all the time.

Blackjack is played with 8 standard card decks. You compete only against the dealer, not against other players. At the beginning of the round, you get to set a wager of your choice. Then, the dealer deals two cards to you, other players and himself. All players’ cards are face up and only one of the two dealer cards are face up.

The objective of Live Blackjack is to get a score higher than the dealer, but you can’t go over 21! How are the card scores calculated? It is based on the cards you’ve obtained. Aces are worth 1 or 11 points. Two to tens are worth their face value as scores. As for Kings, Queens and Jacks, they are all worth 10 points each.

Your hand score is calculated by adding all the scores together. If your total score amounts over 21, you’re busted and eliminated from the game. What if you had not reached 21?

That’s where you need to make decisions. You get to Hit your hand. Hitting means that the dealer will deal you another card in an attempt to increase your hand score. There are no limits on the number of times you can hit your hand. Another move can is to split your hand. That happens when you get a pair. You will split your hand in two and the dealer will deal two additional cards to each hand. Now, there’s a catch. You need to set a wager equal to your initial bet on the second hand as well.

What happens if you get a total score of 21 with your two initial cards? That means you got a Blackjack! Blackjacks are usually worth better than numerous card hands that make up to 21 points.

Live Blackjack At Regal Wins

The casino site brings you some of the most entertaining titles by popular live dealer publishers of the industry. You are open to trying the variants of Blackjack produced by the leading technologies of Net Entertainment. Whenever you click on one of NetEnt Live Dealer Games, you connect to a live lobby.

Spot the game you want to play, if it’s Live Blackjack then connect to the Blackjack Lobby and you’re done!

Another top provider of Live Blackjack games at Regal Wins is Evolution Gaming. This online casino game publisher is a reference in the online casino industry. When they went online in 2006, they started with simple table games like Classic Roulette but now, they are the award winners for a range of top games!

Looking for some recommendations? Try Live Blackjack Grand VIP, Live Common Draw Blackjack and Live Blackjack Pro! They are all packed with entertaining elements of the card game and offer a one of a kind experiences for sure! Ready to play Live Blackjack at Regal Wins Casino?



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