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Cash Cookout

Cash Cookout

Join the celebrations on Cash Cookout at Regal Wins – the online casino! A BBQ party is happening, yet the atmosphere is so relaxing. Visit a quiet and rural setting, wherein the background, you can see celebratory flags and other decorations indicating some festivities that are taking place.

What’s unique with Cash Cookout is the stacks of cash smoking on a coal-powered grill! But nothing to worry about since burning money on this innovative game brings its own rewards. The game is set against a red tablecloth on which you can see 3 sauce bottles which represent the Winning Numbers. Reveal the numbers while enjoying the pleasant atmosphere!

Game in Action

Bonus Rounds and Features

Even if piles of cash are smoking on the grill and turning into a crisp on Cash Cookout, you can still relax and have fun because you have Lucky Numbers! Land a Lucky Number to win the prize hidden underneath. On this game, find a total of 12 game spaces and 3 Lucky Numbers generated out of 39. Don’t miss this feature!

Symbols Available

The main symbols you can come across on Cash Cookout are Stacks of Money and Sauce Bottles. Watch them in action on this easy-to-play game!

Betting Options

Enjoy Cash Cookout by picking your preferred ticket price. Use the + and – signs to choose one of the available amounts. Clicking on “Buy” deducts the price from your game balance and you can then start with the fun! Your aim is to match your Numbers with the Winning Numbers to trigger a win. You can also reveal grill utensils to win all of the 12 “Your Number” prizes shown, without the need for any matching!

Once your ticket is purchased on Cash Cookout, the screen displays 3 Winning Numbers, 12 Your Numbers and the Reveal All tab. Start tapping the money stacks to uncover Your Numbers. Each of them hides a cash prize underneath. If any “Your Numbers” match any of the Winning Numbers sauce bottles, the corresponding prize is triggered.

Speed the game up on Cash Cookout by clicking on the Reveal All button to enjoy a set number of automated rounds. This feature continues until you make all the selections. When all sauce bottles and money stacks are revealed, the round is over with a closing message displaying the outcome of the game. Get ready to join this party!

Why You Should Play Cash Cookout

Cash Cookout is a Scratch & Arcade game which is worth a try because it is fun and easy to play. Plus, it comes with a maximum prize of £2500!


Cash Cookout is crafted by IGT, a top game provider in the industry. Since 1990, IGT provides high-end games to leading online casinos. All of its games are packed with great graphics and sound effects. You can also experience these on Cash Cookout at Regal Wins.  

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