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Pixies Of The Forest Instant Win

Pixies Of The Forest Instant Win

Make your way to the enchanted forest on Pixies of the Forest Instant Win and stand the chance to grab a bag full of moolah! Many punters believe that fairies are small creatures carrying a magic wand. According to history, this isn’t the perfect description at all. Fairies have been perceived as fallen ghosts, angels or spirits of the dead. Embark on a virtual magical world where resides the pixies and have a whale of a time on Pixies of the Forest Instant Win!

Game in Action

Bonus Rounds and Features

Plunge into an enchanting world where magic rules! Once you open the game, you will find two grids which are tagged as Your Numbers and Winning Numbers. The Your Numbers part contains 12 tiles and is covered with leaves, while the Winning Numbers part comes with 3 tiles which are covered with rubies. Irrespective of your bet amount on Pixies of the Forest Instant Win, the number of tiles does not change.

Once the stake has been placed, you may click on the tiles one by one to see which numbers they hide. Alternatively, you can simply press the ‘Auto-Reveal’ Tab to have all numbers revealed all at once. The objective is to have the Winning Numbers correspond to any of Your Numbers. The prize value which they hold on Pixies of the Forest Instant Win is all found under all of Your Numbers.

The game also comes with a Pixie Symbol which can randomly show up on any of the tiles. If this symbol appears on any of the tiles, you win the full prize value of the 12 tiles combined. Whenever the tiles are revealed, you can earn from £1.00 to £200.00. The greatest amount you can win on Pixies of the Forest Instant Win goes up to 150,000 coins.

Betting Options

Start a gaming episode by setting up your preferred bet amount on the Ticket Cost Tab! Use the minus or plus arrow to select from £1.00, £2.00, £3.00, £5.00 to £10.00. Once the selection is made, you can virtually rejoice in a great time!

Why You Should Play Pixies of the Forest Instant Win

Featuring spectacular graphics along with the most instant of instant wins, you’ll virtually have it all on Pixies of the Forest Instant Win. Discover the magic anytime through your smartphone, tablet or desktop!


IGT has climbed its way to the top thanks to the realistic games it has crafted and presented to the online gambling world! This instant win game is one amongst these inventions!

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