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Slingo Advance

Slingo Advance

Slingo Advance is a 80s arcade themed game where you are taken to outer space to reach for the stars. The purpose is to achieve diagonal or vertical lines, the letter ‘T’, the letter ‘X’, or a full house on the grid. With its cosmic theme and bright graphics, you are bound to enjoy each round of the game. So, ladies and gentlemen, be prepared for some thrilling gaming events on Regal Wins Casino!

Game in Action

Bonus Rounds and Features

As you play Slingo Advance, open the full grid as follows:

  • On your 1st spin, match 1 number on row 1 to unfold row 2 and get an extra spin
  • On your 2nd spin, match 2 numbers on row 2 to unfold row 3 and get an extra spin
  • On your 3rd spin, match 3 numbers on row 3 to unfold row 4 and get an extra spin
  • On your 4th spin, match 4 numbers on row 4 to unfold row 5 and get an extra spin

On Slingo Advance, cash prizes are awarded for each match made and every Slingo achieved. You will notice that all vertical and diagonal Slingo has a fixed payout. Let’s have a glance at some classic features the game has to offer:

  • Joker: jokers let you mark off any number from the column above where it shows up
  • Free Spins: awards an extra spin
  • Advance: opens up the next row and grants you an extra spin to proceed your mission
  • Blocker: blocks a match on the column

It’s not over yet on Slingo Advance! The game boasts 3 jackpot levels. One for marking off numbers in an ‘X’ shape, one for achieving a ‘T’ shape and one for achieving a Full House. Ready to kick things off?

Symbols Available

You won’t find any symbols on Slingo Advance. That’s because it is a scratch and arcade type of game. But if you want to play games crammed with different symbols, Regal Wins Casino has got you covered.

Betting Options

Get the ball rolling by setting up the desired bet amount! Coin values are located in the Stake field on the left of the screen. Follow by clicking on the Spin button. Throughout the game, only the bottom row of the grid is available for matches. All you have to do is to match the numbers that appear below the grid to those in the grid itself.

Why You Should Play Slingo Advance

Slingo Advance comes with a special theme and some classic features. What’s great is that you don’t need to achieve complicated things to trigger the features. Plus, it is fully compatible with iOS and Android devices.


Slingo Advance is a product of Slingo. This creative provider has also crafted a handful of games which can be found at Regal Wins Casino. Check them out!

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