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Word Candy

Word Candy

If you have a sweet tooth and enjoy candies, chocolate and sweets, try the Word Candy scratch card game at Regal Wins. This fun game will take you on a delicious adventure. Set on a purple backdrop, the game consists of a crossword grid. On the right side, some chocolate squares are displayed with 27 hidden letters. Your aim is to find letters to create words on the crossword grid. This game is thus very popular among fans of sweets and candies.

Chocolate is one of the widely enjoyed sweets in the world. It is made from cocoa beans and up to 400 of these are required to make 1 pound of chocolate. Did you know that dark chocolate can be enjoyed with some red wine during festivities? The sweetness of the chocolate is thus combined with that of the red wine. So, explore the world of sweets with the Word Candy game.

Game in Action

Bonus Rounds and Features

Word Candy consists of a Bonus feature which is triggered when 3 Cherries are collected after you pick all the 18 letters. This feature is played on another screen with a lollipop and a 3-tier cake. When the lollipop is spun 3 times, 3 letters come out each time and fill the matching letters on the tiers of the cakes. A bonus value displayed for a particular tier is awarded when a word is completely filled on it. The bonus feature can still be triggered on a game without wins. The round ends after the 3 spins.

Symbols Available

Some of the symbols you will come across on Word Candy are Letters, Golden Ticket, Cherries, Lollipop and a 3-tier Cake. If a Golden Ticket randomly appears, a guaranteed win of up to 10x your card value is awarded. Cherries are collected while picking the letters and 3 of them help to trigger the Bonus round. The Lollipop and 3-tier Cake appear during the bonus round.

Betting Options

The stake value is fixed at £3 on Word Candy and cannot be adjusted. To start your gameplay, simply press the “Buy Card” button and a short animation will appear. The “Auto Pick” button appears on the chocolate bar and when clicked, it uncovers all the chocolate squares to reveal the letters. If the letters match at least 3 words on the crossword grid, you win a payout as per the paytable displayed on the left. So, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 10, 11 and 12 matched words award £3, £6, £15, £30, £75, £150, £750, £1,500, £7,500 and £60,000, respectively.

Why You Should Play Word Candy

Word Candy is a fun and entertaining game that awards a maximum payout of £60,000 for a bet as less as £3. The game comes with an appealing sweet and candy theme. Plus, it has the potential to make you win big.


Word Candy is created by Geco-Core Gaming. Geco-Core Gaming is one of the leading game providers which is known for its innovative and attractive games. It is a partnership between 2 popular game providers, Geco Gaming and Core Gaming. They create games using platforms such as Flash and HTML5. Some of the games are video slots, instant win and scratch card games, along with other products and services.

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