5 Reel Slot – Lucky Five!

Quick question to start! What is the most popular genre of slot games nowadays? If you are a classic player, you will definitely reply with a shout, “Five Reel Slots”! You are correct! Even if you are not a regular slot player, one thing is for sure. 5-reel slot games have made their presence felt. Maybe you're a fan… At Regal Wins, enjoy not one but a whole array of five-reel slots at your disposal. These range from traditional fruit slots in a 5-reel variations to complex slots.

Why Choose 5 Reel Slots?

Popular Software

5-reel slot games. No exact words can describe the way they entertain. It has grown in popularity and players love to spin on 5-reel slot games once in a while. As such, the leading game providers within the market have committed to  5-reel slot games. At Regal Wins, the 5-reel slots are the top products from Scientific Games, Eyecon, IGT, NetEnt and many others. As their creations are hot favourites around here, you can always try out some of their fine designs.

Entertaining Features

How about some lovely features once in a while with your 5 reel slot? Most of the 5-reel slot games include features to bring the fun to a whole new level. To enjoy the features, it is quite simple. Land the required symbols or complete the requirements and there you go! Amongst the several features, the Free Spins feature is the most common. Usually triggered with a Scatter, it can reward you with Free Spins for a spinning streak! Slot games like Ooh Aah Dracula Slot, Jumanji Slot, Blackbeard's Booty Slot and Aloha! Cluster Pays Slot are popular examples of slots including Free Spins Features.

Much more features like Stacked Wilds Features, Click Me Features and Bonus Rounds Features appear on other slot games. Explore the gallery of 5-reel slot games at Regal Wins to be able to uncover the secrets of each reel you play. Yet, none can match the Progressive Jackpot feature. This feature involves an ever-growing pot! Since the pot increases each time someone wagers, you can expect that the prize will never be the same. You can spot the Progressive Jackpot Slots at Regal Wins. The 5-reel slots that have the “Progressive” red banner at the sides are the ones with the feature! 

Plenty Of Choices!

Do you have any special preferences when it comes to slot games? Worry no more. At Regal Wins, even if you wish to play 5-reel slots, you are open to various themes, concepts and pay lines.

Themes are interesting at Regal Wins. 5-reel slots display different themes, allowing players to travel to different eras and events. If you are a keen explorer, then the Pirate and Adventure slot games are fit for you. Of course, you can always prefer to go for some Mystical and Magic Slots. Some might wish to go for the Hungry For Slots. Careful though, one bite might not be enough!

Themes are good, no wonder, but the true magic is on the sensory details. After all, these are the elements that allow players to have a totally immersive experience! High-quality graphics and sounds can plunge players in a virtual world. Visualise that you are playing an Egyptian-themed slot. You are brought face to face with the beauty of the Pyramids. Soothing Egyptian music fills the ambience and theme-oriented symbols rally on your reels. Wouldn’t that be fun? Precisely! This is what to expect whenever you are discovering 5-reel slot games at Regal Wins - some pure delights!


Don’t remain in the illusion that you can access your favourite 5-reel slot game only at home! This is not the case! You can play these top 5-reel slot games on your mobile, tablet and desktop device. The games support Responsive Adaptive Design. This makes them compatible with devices supporting iOS and Android software.


Have you spotted some 5-reel slot games that you want to try? You might wish to pocket your share of the welcome bonus first! Players are being rewarded with a first deposit offer at Regal Wins. Are you going to give it a shot?

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