With a variety of top casino games on offer at Regal Wins, it became important to follow suit with a whole bunch of jackpots. From progressive, daily, to the mega jackpots, players can always opt to hunt for any of these depending on the title that they choose to play. Our jackpots page is where you should look for a listing of our top big jackpot slots. Browse through the online casino gallery and remember to only make a choice after having considered specific in-game features and other technical characteristics.

Play popular Jackpot Games

Have you been looking for a popular jackpot slot game, but have had a hard time finding it? You will be glad to hear that at Regal Wins we have a slots jackpot category that might hold the game you seek! Yes, we have carefully handpicked the most popular titles for you and apart from this, look out for online slot games from a variety of genres. From Egyptian to Irish and Greek themed jackpot slot games, you’ll find them all.

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Daily Jackpot

Are you looking to give a boost to your gameplay? Well, Regal Wins has something just for you and it’s in the form of thrilling daily jackpot games!

Through colourful themes and characters, our daily jackpots on selected slots are designed to bring even more excitement to your gameplay. Look out for these daily drops!

It might help to note that daily jackpots are awarded once per day on top of standard game wins. Each daily jackpot promotional prize uses a smart jackpot-style mechanic that allows the pot value to increase each time cash is placed on each game. Keep an eye on the advertised daily win schedule for your chance at winning the prize!

Our daily jackpots are just one of several jackpot types available at Regal Wins. Check out the full range of jackpot-style online slot games and discover more thrilling slots and how they work.

Progressive Jackpot

Who wouldn’t like to win a good old progressive jackpot!? The latter can be triggered at any time and is random. Usually, the game interface presents it in an appealing fashion as described in the game information pages. The chances of winning a jackpot are proportionate to the amount of spends per spin.

Network progressive jackpots can be won by any player contributing to this jackpot pool on any of the gaming provider websites. The progressive jackpot(s) can only be won when playing real money.

Mega Jackpot

The Mega Jackpots prize can be won by playing all slots and games marked as ‘Megajackpot’ within our collection. When playing these slot games, each bet you place offers the chance to win the Mega Jackpots Progressive – the higher you bet, the more are your odds of winning.

To win the Mega Jackpots Progressive, players will have to position 15 Mega Jackpots symbols in all reels, on any spin. After every spin that doesn’t award the jackpot, a second chance is presented in the background that can also award the Mega Jackpots Progressive.


How do jackpots work?

Whether you have a chance of taking home a jackpot depends on the game and the type of jackpot. More generally, you must spin the reel with the appropriate qualifying bet for a chance to win. Each time you spin, a portion of your qualifying bet is added to the pool. Unfortunately for players, the limit will change every time someone wins, making it difficult to know if the pot is close to paying out. But this is where the fun and element of chance kick in!

Want to try your luck on our jackpots? Join the action and spin for a chance to win big from our great collection of jackpot slots.

What are jackpot slots?

Are you new to online slots? If that’s the case, you may not have heard of jackpot slots before! Unlike regular slots, these offer the player a chance to win big cash prizes.

Jackpot slots payout differently at different times, depending on the type of jackpot. You can choose to play jackpot slots with a range of smaller but more frequent Daily Jackpots or take a chance on the larger ones. Many jackpot slots are linked. This means that every time a player makes a bet, the jackpot increases, making the playouts much larger than your average slot game.

If you’re interested in trying your luck at a jackpot slot, we’ve got a huge selection available for you to play. Join us and see whether Lady Luck is on your side!

How do Progressive Jackpots Work?

Progressive jackpots build over time until a player wins them, then they reset to a predetermined level and start building again. The way they build is by taking a percentage of every bet made on the game the progressive jackpot is associated with and adding it to the jackpot amount.

What are Daily Jackpots? 

To boost the fun, we also have a whole range of Daily Jackpot games! These come with a promotional prize pot that can be won once per day, on top of standard slots and game wins and is also a progressive jackpot. This means the pot value grows each time a qualifying wager is placed.

If you’re looking for larger, more regular payouts, you’ll love the Daily Jackpots we have on offer. Join us and take a chance at winning our incredible Daily Jackpots.

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