Play Slingo Games!

At Regal Wins, we do not only offer online casino games! Once registered, players will notice that the site also holds some next-gen titles that will boost players’ overall experience. What we are mainly referring to are the Slingo games! As the name might hint, these are a mix of online slots and bingo, and playing any of these will bring you double the fun! Are you ready to Slingo?

Top Slingo Games to play!

Play top Slingo games at Regal Wins Casino. The site offers a wide range of this game category. Some of the titles you could give a try are Slingone Fishin’, Slingo Reel King, Slingo Riches, Slingo Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, Book of Slingo, Slingo Starburst, Red Hot Slingo, Slingo Rainbow Riches, Slingo Riches, Deal or No Deal Slingo and many more. Play these top Slingo games anytime.

How Slingo Bingo works

Once you start playing Slingo, you will quickly notice that the elements of slots and bingo work harmoniously. The slot reels will operate as the bingo caller and the numbers are then meant to be marked off on traditional bingo cards. The gameplay itself isn’t too different to the more traditional bingo games in many cases, with 5x5 grid cards in most cases, just as with 75-ball bingo.

What makes Slingo different from the rest is the slot element! Once a card is purchased, the player will be given a set number of spins of the reel. To win, it is essential to fill their bingo cards within that set number. Like many online slots, you’ll also find bonus rounds and variations in how the games are played. Sounds fun?


What Is Slingo Bingo?

Slingo bingo is a next-gen game, and it is a bingo variant that also comes with a few differences. What makes Slingo special, and what really gives it an edge is that it is a one-player game. To boot, it also includes elements of slot gameplay! It's a harmonious mix of slots and bingo and is fast becoming one of the most popular bingo games around. In-game, the slot reels essentially operate as the bingo caller. Players are still required to mark off bingo cards just like the more traditional forms of the game. It’s a must-try!

How to Play Slingo Bingo?

Just like the traditional game, Slingo bingo begins with purchasing a bingo card. What follows is what gives Slingo its edge since players are then given a set number of spins of the reel in which they must complete their bingo card. With each spin of the reel, a set of symbols or numbers are revealed, which must then be marked off your card. Prizes are awarded for completing various lines and shapes, but ultimately the aim of the game is to complete the card in the set number of spins given. You are now all set to Slingo!

Play Slingo betting amount?

It comes as cheap as slots and bingo! Since Slingo bingo is a single-player game and it comes with some slot elements, you can adjust your stake within the game. Look out for the minimum and maximum bet on each slot and simply adjust based upon that. In many cases, you’ll find Slingo games for under £1 per game, while maximum bets can get as high as £50 per game pending on the title.

What Does a Slingo Bingo Card Look Like?

Slingo bingo is largely played on a 5x5 grid. However, in many cases, players will be able to enjoy several additions that add extra elements such as scratch cards and gaming boards. For example, the Deal or No Deal Slingo has the sums of money which can be won running down either side of the bingo card, just as you would find in the TV show. You’ll find that Slingo bingo interfaces are generally much more creative and elaborate than the traditional forms of bingo but are still easy to understand.

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